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Jewels To Go - Contact Info
If you have any questions regarding jewelry on this website, please feel free to call, email, or fax.

Additionally, you can order online and pay by credit card. However, if you would like to order something and pay by check, you will need to fax or email information regarding your order. Once the order is received, then you will be contacted with mailing information for your payment. Note: You may only use credit cards online. Emailed/faxed orders are by check only. When contacting me, please be sure to include contact information (i.e. name, phone number and/or email). If you are ordering by fax or email, please include shipping address.

Jewels To Go
Phone: (310) 613-3391
Fax: (866) 351-6607
E-Mail: information@jewelstogo.com

E-mail us by filling out the form below:

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